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The Concept

“I noticed this little hedgehog-shaped doll on a visit to the Cycladic antiquities gallery of the National Archaeological Museum. It wanted a copy as a birthday present for my nephew, but it wasn’t on offer in the museum shop. So I thought: ‘Why not make it myself?’”

Dora Oikonomides – Founding member of Skantzochiros

Animal-shaped vase, most likely a hedgehog
Chalandriani, Syros, Proto-Cycladic Era II, Syros-Keros civilization (2800 – 2300 BCE)

Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Department of the Collection of Prehistoric, Egyptian, Cypriot and Near Eastern Antiquities


The Company

Mission & Vision

“Skantzochiros” is a social cooperative. We aim at contributing to the promotion of Greek culture and civilisation through the development, design and production of high-quality, educational toys and games based on artefacts and events from all periods of Greek history. Our vision is for our original educational toys to be accessible to the largest possible audience.

Design & Production

Young designers and illustrators collaborate with historians and archaeologists to develop a wide range of educational toys and games for “Skantzochiros”. Throughout the design, development and production phases of our products, “Skantzochiros” works closely with Greek professionals and manufacturers to support the growth of social economy in Greece.

Members and Collaborators

The Skantzochiros Team

The founding team of “Skantzochiros” consists of archaeologist Katerina Deloucas, designer Antonis Dimopoulos, computer technician Christos Bairamidis, historian of science Dora Oikonomides, journalist Loukas Stamellos and educator Fotini Siragaki. Along the way we encountered several valuable collaborators, such as social worker Valentina Giannakopoulou and artists/designers Yiannis Antonopoulos, Vanessa Ioannou, Christianna Leonaki and Eleftheria Lithadioti.

Dora Oikonomides

Loukas Stamellos

Fotini Siragaki

Antonis Dimopoulos

Katerina Deloucas

Christos Bairamidis

Valentina Giannakopoulou